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Vush Majesty 2 Wand

Vush Majesty 2 Wand

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Vush Majesty 2 Wand

"Is this the vibrator Cardi B is holding in her new video?" That's a BIG yes, babe.

Majesty 2 is an incredible wand vibrator that’s about to shake up the way you play. Wands work their magic for all bodies, making Majesty 2 the perfect vibe for both solos or duets in the bedroom. With 5 varying levels and 10 different patterns designed for maximum pleasure, whether this is your first toy or an exciting addition to your collection, there’s a perfect vibe for everyone.

Let’s make some magic!

Product Features:
Mix and Match Vibes: 50 Personalised levels and intensities
Powerful Vibrations: For incredible sensations
Designed for all Bodies: Solo or couples play
100% Waterproof: For bubble baths and power showers
Magnetic USB Charging: Easy charging
Medical Grade Silicone: Soft and gentle touch material

Product Features

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