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We're here to normalise and empower every fantasy and desire you may have kept a secret.  Based in New Zealand, we stock a specific range of products that we can personally recommend. With a commitment to the environment, we make sure we offer rechargeable and sustainable products.

Little Secret Sex Toys NZ | About Little Secret Adult Store and Sex Toy Products

Have you ever had a sexual fantasy that you've never spoken about, maybe you felt like you'd be judged or thought that other people might think it's a little 'too much'. 

Whether that be simply masturbation, a wild BDSM scene, or a group scenario. We've all been there, not entirely expressing our sexuality in fear of judgement or rejection.

To be honest, there's a time where we felt like that too. And well... Now we're running a sex store because we don't want anyone else feeling that way.

Our goal at Little Secret is to reduce the stigma around sex and sex toys. We don't think pleasure should be something to be ashamed of, so join us in making your own rules!

Little Secret Sex Toys NZ Logo | We believe in normalising masturbation because you should enjoy life
Little Secret Sex Toys NZ | we believe in sexual equality and empowerment - get the best sex toys to feel the best

Promoting sexual empowerment.

Little Secret Sex Toys NZ | discreet shipping to ensure your privacy when buying adult products in New Zealand and Australia

Discreet shipping always.

Little Secret Sex Toys NZ | New Zealand owned sex and adult product store stocking high quality products and NZ made products

New Zealand owned.

We are fully New Zealand owned and operated. Instead of having a large and confusing collection of sex toys like most e-commerce and brick and mortar stores, we offer a select range of toys which we can genuinely recommend. We also ensure that all purchases are sent out in discreet packaging so only you will know what's inside.

Whether you want to gain knowledge, buy new and exciting sex toys, share experiences, or just browse, Little Secret Sex Toys offers a high quality and premium experience for sex toys and adult entertainment, we'll be right here.

NZ based sex toy and adult store for your sexual fantasies

We sell sex toys, but we are so much more than that!

Our goal is to empower people by helping to de-stigmatise both masturbation and the topic of sex in general. Because empowerment is feeling confident AF in your body - mentally, physically and emotionally.

Our team are on hand to help you, no matter how big or small the query.

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