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UV Sterilisation Bag

UV Sterilisation Bag

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Stay safe in the bedroom and keep out the nasties with the revolutionary 59S UVC Adult Toy Sterilisation Bag.

New to the market, the 59S Sterilisation Bag utilises a highly technological system that allows your toys to be 99.9% bacteria free after every cycle through the UVC LED Powered sterilisation unit.

Utilising UVC LED light to sterilise with, the 5 UVC LED beads contained within the chamber destroy harmful DNA and RNA that stick to the surface of toys after use. This same technology is used in hospitals to prevent pathogens from spreading, creating a 99.9% bacteria free environment. LED cleaning also helps reduce potential smells by decomposing the molecular structure of odour creating bacteria, making your toy feel squeaky clean and new again!

To use, place your toy inside the sterilisation chamber and simply press the "59S" button on the container and wait for just 3 minutes - it's as simple as that! Being chemical free and portable makes this sterilisation unit a must have for any avid adult toy owner if they want to keep their personal goodies in tip top shape. More protection for you means more enjoyment and less worrying in the bedroom, so make sure to get this Sterilisation Bag before it sells out and enjoy some squeaky clean fun today!

Product Features:
  • Micro USB
  • Chemical free
  • Portable
  • 99.9% bacteria removal rate
  • Reduces odour
  • Dimensions: Height: 9.4 inches; Diameter: 4 inches
  • Net Weight: 175g

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