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Doc Johnson

Super Pleasure Pack

Super Pleasure Pack

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Five formulas sure to get you in the MOOD!

Get five bottles of fun! Each mood booster comes in a sleek 1 oz. (28 gram) bottle. You'll love them all!.

The Pleasure For Him multi-pack includes the following enhancing gels:

  • Slow It Down Cream for marathon sessions
  • Slick & Smooth Water-based Body Glide
  • A creamy lube so you can Stroke it Right
  • Flavorful Berry Mint BJ Gel for delicious playtime
  • Plump it Up Cream for size enhancement.

These gels are sugar-free and a whole heap of fun!


"The best flavour BJ lube I've ever had. He really loves this pack. Everything in it. So much we came back for a second!"

"Multi-purpose and all taste great"

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