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Share Satisfaction

Share Satisfaction Massage Candle Set

Share Satisfaction Massage Candle Set

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Set the mood with this sensuous, sensational Share Satisfaction massage candle. This amazing massage candle comes in three “flavours”: Pheromone, vanilla, and rose.

Indulge in scented pleasure and enhance your bedroom ambience with our Scented Massage Candle Kit.

Ignite the wick of these candles and melt into each other as the ambrosial aromatic smells slowly melt into a scented massage oil to be used on a partner. With three luxurious flavours of Vanilla, Pheromone, and Rose, these sexy candles will help build an incredibly intimate foreplay environment before the real fun starts.

These candles burn at a low temperature and instead of producing a hot wax, they produce a body-safe massage oil. This means you can drip it on your partner without the worry of harming their skin.

Contents Included in Package: Three scented candles (Vanilla, Pheromone, Rose), one candle wick trimmer.

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