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Share Satisfaction

Share Satisfaction Astra

Share Satisfaction Astra

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Share Satisfaction's Astra is a revolution in the sex toy world. Astra doubles as a suction vibrator as well as a G-Spot vibrator, satisfying whatever intimate cravings you desire during the thrill of play time

Boasting 10 suction modes and 20 intense vibration settings, this vibrator is built for pure pleasure. Suction modes range from light pulses all the way to intense hurricanes that let you explore the full experience of oral stimulation.

Need a vibe that provides you with multiple uses? Astra is for you! Use one end for earth shattering clitoral stimulation and then use the other end for astonishing G-spot focused pleasure. One end sucks - the other end vibes! Can you believe it? It's two toys in one!

Astra is ergonomically curved fitting in the palm perfectly, feeling like a natural extension of the hand. This sex toy contours to your body perfectly, fitting wherever you place it with ease!

Key Features of the Share Satisfaction Astra Suction Vibrator:

  • 10 suction modes plus 20 vibration speeds
  • Ergonomic design
  • Multi-stimulating - Internal and external functionality
  • Wireless

How to Use this Item:

To use this vibrator, select which end you'd prefer stimulation to stem from and lubricate the surface with a water based formula. Ensure the area of stimulation is also adequately lubricated as well before play, either internally or externally.

When done, use either of the two control buttons depending on your preference to make Astra into a classic vibrator or a suction vibrator depending on what mood you're finding yourself in. There are multiple stimulation modes which can easily be cycled through with a simple button press.

How to Care for this Item:

To care for this item, simply give Astra a wash in warm water along with anti-bacterial soap and/or you preferred toy cleaner. When done, thoroughly dry Astra and store in a cool, dark and dry place when not in use. It's as easy as that!

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