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Satisfyer Lollipop Plug 2

Satisfyer Lollipop Plug 2

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Ensure backdoor glee with Satisfyer's newest offering - the Lollipop Plug! This anal vibrator provides you with all the intense sensations you love, with the extra functionality you've come to know and love with your Satisfyer toys.

The Lollipop Plug is designed with a spherical structure and features dual motors to stimulate you in the most sensual way possible. The smooth surface allows for an effortless insertion no matter you're experience level, with the T-bar base guaranteeing safety and control in even the most knee-bending of pleasure situations.

When this plug is comfortably inside, activate any of the 12 modes of varied vibration to create a powerful orgasm. Each motor ensures the vibrations are translated throughout the whole length of this toy, hitting the deepest erogenous zones with ease. Oh, and this toy is waterproof too meaning you can get wet and wild with the Lollipop Plug and enjoy those sweet anal sensations in a much steamier environment.

Should this plug run out of breath after long play sessions, simply recharge this toy with the included charging cable. Anal bliss is never far away with this new stunning toy from Satisfyer.

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