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OVO S4 Lay On

OVO S4 Lay On

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The OVO S4 is like a rabbit style clitoral stimulator, it has two-prong ears that vibrate together to excite and touch the clitoris in wonderful ways. Combined with your favourite water-based, toy-safe lube, or the cheeky touch of an eager lover, this OVO vibe will deliver delightful orgasms!

What makes the difference with this clitoral stimulator is the flexibility of the ears. The supple and soft dual tips are actually firm but flexible, allowing for accurate angling and manipulation so that this toy works with your body – not you having to adjust to the toy! The ears take up just under half the unit, which, in total measures 10.85cm in length. This means that the ear length is enough to massage and stimulate your sensitive clitoral area, while still being a manageable size for one-handed use. As this awesome vibe has dual motors, each ear of the S4 has a full motor of power behind it. This allows for equally distributed vibrating pleasure.

The OVO S4 has 7 vibrating speed and pattern programs, which you can cycle through using the buttons at the larger curved base of the vibe. This curved area measures 6cm across and sits comfortably in the palm of your hand for flexible, sensuous use. The OVO S4 is also waterproof, making it the perfect little vibe to take to the shower or tub for a relaxing evening by yourself! You won’t need to drown out the sound of the OVO S4 with music or running water either, as it is whisper quiet – and thus perfect to use for a little private play in busy households.

The S4 is made of premium silicone material, a hygienic and long-lasting material that is used in some of the highest quality toys. The silicone is non-porous, easy to clean and feels beautiful to the touch. It has a smooth, silky feel that is lush to use against the skin, unlike firmer, cold plastics. To care for your OVO S4, simply wash it thoroughly after each use with warm soapy water or a formulated toy cleaner before letting it air dry. This will ensure the life of your toy and that the next time you go to play with the S4 it will be perfect for use.

Each OVO S4 is rechargeable and comes pre-packed with a USB charger.

Just plug the small charger cable directly into your vibe to charge up its premium lithium-ion technology batteries.

Product Details
Length: 4.27 Inches
Width: 2.53 Inches
Shape: Curved, Non-Phallic
Function: Escalates, Pulsates, Vibrates
Feature: Latex Free, Multi-Vibration, Phthalate Free, Rechargeable, Waterproof
Power: Rechargeable USB
Material: Silicone
Texture: Smooth
Brand: Ovo Lifestyle Toys

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