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Lucent by Share Satisfaction

Lucent Hydra Glass Massager

Lucent Hydra Glass Massager

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Get ready for the ride of a lifetime with Lucent’s Blue Lines Glass Massager! A classic shape brought to the modern-day with gorgeous, raised bumps for the extra stimulation you never knew you needed.

The arrow-straight shaft of this toy is topped by a gorgeous, bulging head filled with swirls of delicate blue. Tapered enough to allow for easy insertion but thick enough to please all those spots deep inside you, the head of this toy will send orgasmic pleasure shivering from your head to your toes. The shaft itself features sections of raised bumps that lie ready to stimulate and please with every movement. A flared base makes anal play a breeze, ensuring that no over-insertion occurs.

Ideal for any anal enthusiasts out there, this toy will always please and satisfy any kinky desires you may be yearning for. Looking to make the experience even more fun? Try temperature play with this toy! Simply place this anal toy in warm or cold water, let it absorb the temperature and when the toy reaches the desired temperature, lube up and play away! The intensified sensations provide a whole new dimension of fun and variance when playing.


Product Specifications of the Lucent Blue Lines Glass Massager:

  • Length: 6.6 Inch (16.8cm)
  • Girth: 3.7 Inch (9.4cm)
  • Material: Borosilicate Glass

How to Use the Lucent Blue Lines Glass Massager:

Lubricate both the toy and area of insertion with your preferred lubricating formula. Once thoroughly lubricated, slowly insert the tip to not cause discomfort upon initial insertion. When comfortable, further insert the toy until the desired length is reached.

To enjoy temperature play with this toy, submerge the item in cool or warm water. Once the toy reaches the desired temperature, follow the above steps to have the best possible time with this toy.

How to Care for the Lucent Dragon Blue Lines Glass Massager:

Care for Lucent’s glass toys is super easy and should be conducted directly after play. Wash with warm water and anti-bacterial soap, or boil in water for a more thorough clean. Once done, dry this toy thoroughly and store in a cool, dark, and dry place for future use.


About the Brand:

Lucent by Share Satisfaction is New Zealand's newest, luxury glass sex toy brand. Specialising in handblown borosilicate glass toys, Lucent has sex toys for both anal and vaginal play. Each offering within this range is elegant in nature and design and guaranteed to tickle your sweet spot each time they come to play. Grab Lucent today and see what the fuss is about!

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