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Lucent by Share Satisfaction

Lucent Dragon Tail Glass Massager

Lucent Dragon Tail Glass Massager

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Let out a roar of passion with the Dragon Tail Glass Massager, a gorgeous P-spot toy that feels as terrific as it looks! Shimmering blues, purples, and greens meld to create this stunning toy. See more beautiful colours appear with every new angle you see!

This mystical massager features all the curves, bumps, and length you could want in a pleasure product. Sculpted with an ergonomic tapered tip, this plug provides instantaneous gratification. The breezy insertion facilitates mind blowing sensations which are further enhanced as this massager goes deeper and deeper. Curving sections allow for precise strokes to target you favourite spots and provide extra unique thrills unlike other massagers. This toy has a hook shaped tail which sticks out once inserted. Not only does this handle give you control during your anal escapades – it also provides a beautiful view for yourself or a partner if they are lucky enough to witness this toy in action.

Ideal for any anal enthusiasts out there, this toy will always please and satisfy any kinky desires you may be yearning for. Looking to make the experience even more fun? Try temperature play with this toy! Simply place this anal toy in warm or cold water, let it absorb the temperature and when the toy reaches the desired temperature, lube up and play away! The intensified sensations provide a whole new dimension of fun and variance when playing.

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