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Lucent by Share Satisfaction

Lucent Azure Bulbed Glass Plug

Lucent Azure Bulbed Glass Plug

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Get the anal treatment you deserve with this sensational glass butt plug!

Made of stunning, deep blue glass, this anal plug could be seen simply as an opulent shelf ornament to the untrained eye – but you’ll know exactly what it is. Made with a tapering tip for ease of insertion, this plug slips into the anus with no effort at all when adequately lubricated. The widened mid-section provides desiring fullness when fully inserted to further enhance pleasure, and an extended flanged ring at the middle of the shaft acts as a safe barrier to reach for full pleasure. For full anal control, the ball at the base provides a handle to dictate how you play as well as an appealing view for any partners who may be lucky enough to witness you using this toy.

Ideal for any anal enthusiasts out there, this toy will always please and satisfy any kinky desires you may be yearning for. Looking to make the experience even more fun? Try temperature play with this toy! Simply place this anal toy in warm or cold water, let it absorb the temperature and when the toy reaches the desired temperature, lube up and play away! The intensified sensations provide a whole new dimension of fun and variance when playing.

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