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Joycicles Shimmer

Joycicles Shimmer

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Joycicles make every day feel like a very special occasion.

The time has come to treat yourself and enjoy your own piece of sensual erotic heaven. Here's Joycicles Shimmer - Purple to Silver, a 10-speed intimate mini-major. You will pass from the tender coals to the most sensual flames, since it is designed to massage, seduce and provoke the most intimate of your points of passion so that you and your partner can explore and excite each other again and again... It is totally submersible, so you can take it to your bathtub and shower games.

Works with an AA battery (Included)

Dimensions: 11 cm x 4 cm

Materials: ABS

Its 10 powerful vibrations and spiral design caress your most intimate areas - letting the party peak when you reach your climax.

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